From Day One in the 6th grade, girls begin their journey in the visual arts.

The visual arts curriculum is designed to promote self-inquiry in a trusting and supportive environment. Each girl has a story to tell, and at AGS she is given the time, space, and resources to understand that story, to share her story, and to listen to the stories of her peers. 

Middle School

The Middle School visual arts curriculum is specifically designed to expose students to a wide selection of artistic media and methods of expression. Students develop a strong foundation of technical skill and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of fine art and its impact on the world. Middle School courses include:

  • Fine Arts 6 (Visual Art & Performing Arts)
  • 2D Foundations
  • 3D Foundations
  • Production Design (Cross-listed in Performing Arts)

Upper School

n Upper School, girls dive more deeply into particular mediums and methods of expression, creating an individualized path of exploration. As they progress through the Upper School curriculum, girls refine technical and observational skills and formulate a clearer understanding of what motivates them as an artist. Upper School courses include:

  • 2D Composition and Media
  • Ceramics: Hand Building
  • Ceramics: Wheel Throwing
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Advanced Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Production Design (Cross-listed in Performing Arts)

Particularly important for college-bound seniors pursuing a degree in the arts is an independent study portfolio course, which supports the creation of up to 18 original works of art for a student’s portfolio and the opportunity to meet with an independent art consultant to help critique portfolios, as well as provide support for photographing artwork and completing college applications. The culmination of this course is a Senior Thesis Gallery Show in conjunction with the spring Visual Arts Showcase.

Artwork by AGS Students