From traveling abroad and whitewater rafting to raising money for local charities and planning prom, the right learning environment for girls outside the classroom is just as important as the one on the inside.

AGS girls are Unapologetic Leaders!

They offer their ideas freely and welcome others to do the same. They become more confident and comfortable with taking risks. Strong role models help them discover their own strengths, and leadership opportunities from their first year forward give them the hands-on practice crucial to self-confidence. When a girl completes her AGS education, she understands who she is and is ready to thrive in mixed-gender educational, career, and social settings.

AGS provides powerful, practical, and innovative leadership opportunities purposefully designed for girls.

It is our goal to provide an unmatched experience for girls through our signature programs such as Education for the Development of Leadership and Service (EDLS), Internships, Global Travel, and Winterim. Equally important are the endless opportunities afforded through clubs, advisory, social activities, and the school’s traditions and annual events. 

AGS provided me with a rare opportunity to pursue an education that transcended the conventional classroom experience. Whether studying abroad in three different countries, interning in the ER department at Grady Hospital, or founding the school’s first academic quiz team, I ventured beyond the lecture hall and learned lessons far more valuable than those written neatly in my high school textbooks.

Ferra Pinnock '13, Yale University '17