The Upper School program is a liberal arts course of study that exceeds the requirements of public school and matches or exceeds the requirements of other independent schools. AGS prepares students to succeed in college and life.

Course content is aimed at synthesis, analysis, and critical evaluation of ideas as well as content coverage. The goal is to grow a student with the strengths of character, knowledge, and skills that enable her to have strong choices in college selection appropriate for her and to successfully navigate the world beyond secondary school. Students in Upper School are expected to carry a minimum of five and a maximum of seven academic classes per semester. A total of 23 credits are required for graduation. 


9th Grade Hat Project 2017


Upper School English develops the student’s ability to understand and appreciate great works of literature and to respond to literary selections through oral presentation and in writing, both formally and creatively. Writing, grammar, and vocabulary are integral parts of Upper School English courses as students expand and polish their writing skills. Upper School English focuses on the use of a diverse selection of texts as a springboard for argument and thesis-driven papers. Vocabulary and grammar studied through direct instruction and through models found in literature, serve to develop and strengthen a personal writing style.

Courses Offered
  • English 9: Approaches to Literature and Language
  • English 10: British Literature and Writing
  • English 11: American Literature and Writing
  • English 12: Literature and Ideas
  • AP English Language and Composition
  • AP English Literature and Composition


The mathematics curriculum at the Upper School level is intended to fully prepare each student for college level work in mathematics. The curriculum is designed to promote critical thinking, reasoning, and complex problem solving through study in a range of mathematical areas. Throughout the Upper School curriculum, students develop concepts in algebra, geometry, statistics, probability, and discrete mathematics. The courses at the Upper School level are designed to integrate aspects from each of these areas so that the students begin to view the connections between them.

Courses Offered
  • Geometry (H)
  • Algebra II (H)
  • Calculus
  • Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry (H)
  • AP Calculus AB & BC


The Upper School science curriculum offers a program of study through which students build foundational knowledge of modern scientific principles, an understanding of methods, and an appreciation for the significance of science in contemporary society. Emphasis is placed on scientific inquiry and experimental design. To fulfill the laboratory science graduation requirement, all students must take biology, chemistry, and physics. We strongly encourage all girls to take at least four science courses at the Upper School level and offer both Advanced Placement and non-AP elective courses

Courses Offered
  • Biology (H)
  • Chemistry (H)
  • Physics
  • AP Physics I
  • Introduction to Computer Science Principles
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Astronomy
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Environmental Science
  • AP Biology
Ms. Byrne and Ellie '19 meet up at the March.

World Studies

The World Studies department at AGS seeks to give students an understanding of world cultures and history. A chronological approach is used, and students learn to make historical connections over time and shifting national boundaries. Current events are also discussed. Students actively use many research resources, including web sites, atlases, interviews, periodicals, art, literature, and science resources in addition to textbooks. In Upper School world studies, skills are developed as research and writing tasks become more complex. The chronological study of world history continues through contemporary times in the tenth grade. Specialized topics begin with United States history in the eleventh grade and continue with electives in the twelfth grade.

Courses Offered
  • World Studies 9: Revolutions Reshape the World
  • World Studies 10: The 20th Century and Today
  • World Studies 11: United States History
  • AP US History
  • AP Human Geography
  • World Religions
  • Economics and Entrepreneurship
  • Full STEAM Ahead: Senior Capstone Portfolio

World Language

AGS offers two language options to its students: French and Spanish. In addition, an intense focus on word roots, grammatical structures, and active reading in sixth grade English prepares students for language study beginning in the seventh grade. Students must take three years of the same language at the Upper School level. Any incoming student with previous language experience will take a placement exam in order to determine the appropriate level within our program.

The goal of the World Language department at AGS is to provide students with personalized and interactive classes to speak and attain fluency in Spanish and French. At AGS, language is an immersion environment that takes students beyond what they perceive as diversity to comprehend and engage themselves in the heterogeneous cultures of the world. We incorporate the culture through an unforgettable learning experience that enriches their lives. Upon completion of the graduation requirement in Upper School, students should demonstrate proficiency in the four key components: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Courses Offered
  • French and Spanish Levels I, II, III, IV 
  • AP Spanish & AP French*
  • Advanced Language and Culture (French and Spanish)

*Not offered on campus every year

Fine Arts

Inspiring girls to live creatively.

The Upper School Fine Arts curriculum builds upon the foundational experiences and knowledge gained in the Middle School Fine Arts program. This curriculum allows students to more deeply explore particular mediums and methods of expression as they engage with conceptually challenging coursework.

Courses Offered
  • Chorus & Hurricane Choir
  • Intermediate Theatrical Arts
  • Advanced Theatrical Arts
  • Directing
  • Resume and Audition Prep
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Literary Arts: Creative Writing

Physical Education & Wellness

Through our Physical Education programs at Atlanta Girls’ School, girls develop a sense of physical well-being that translates into a confident self-image. Our curriculum is based on fitness and sports skills/games. Students participate in a variety of sports and are introduced to many different fitness exercises and exercise modalities. Each girl will be empowered to make choices, meet challenges, and develop positive behaviors in fitness, wellness, and movement activities for a lifetime.

Courses Offered
  • PE 9
  • Conditioning (grades 10-12)