Atlanta Girls’ School is guided by a group of leaders committed to girls’ education and to the mission, vision, and values of AGS.

Who serves on the Board of Trustees?

The AGS Board of Trustees includes members from across Atlanta representing the business, legal, philanthropic, and educational communities. The Board is comprised of current parents, parents of alumnae, alumnae, and community members. Trustees serve on various working committees (see below) that focus on strategic initiatives for the long-term health of the school including finance, investment, strategic planning, and governance.

Meet Our Board Members

What does the Board do?
  • The Board is a forward-looking body focused on setting the mission, vision, and strategic plan for the school and responsible for providing a roadmap for financial sustainability.
  • The Board follows the NAIS Principles of Good Practice for Boards of Trustees to define their roles and responsibilities.
  • The Board delegates its authority to the Head of School to manage the school and does not intervene in the daily affairs of the school such as curriculum development, admissions, or personnel.
  • In the conduct of its official business, the Board acts only as a whole; individual Trustees, including the Board Chair, have no authority to act unless specifically authorized to do so by the Board acting as a whole.
How does someone become a Board member?

Trustees are asked to serve two three-year terms and serve on two committees. The Committee on Trustees continually identifies and evaluates Trustee candidates from the parent, alumnae, and wider communities using a matrix of skills and experiences currently required by the Board, to ensure diversity of experiences, perspectives, and skills.

Members of the Committee on Trustees meet with candidates and speak with those who know them to determine their strengths, experience serving on previous Boards, alignment with the mission of the school, and interest in sharing their time, talent, and treasure with AGS.

The committee makes recommendations of highly qualified candidates to the full Board, which elects trustees each May for the following school year. The full Board meets four times per year and spends two days on retreat.

Standing Committees

  • Audit Committee
  • Facilities Committee
  • Advancement Committee
  • Trustees Committee
  • Head Support and Evaluation Committee
  • Finance and Investment Committee