Welcome to Middle School at AGS!

Our school’s mission statement, Inspiring Girls to Lead Lives of Purpose, drives everything we do in the Middle School program at AGS.

Our curriculum builds habits of excellence, care, respect, and hard work that undergird our girls’ academic and social growth so that they develop into thoughtful, reflective, academically successful Upper School students. Because we want to inspire girls, in the classroom we support an emphasis on the exploration of content and creativity with purposeful learning at the center; thus instruction is engaging, varied, relevant, and innovative. Almost as important as our academic goals, we value and promote emotional intelligence (EQ), a collection of life skills necessary for future success in our ever-changing global world. 

Developing effective, purposeful communication skills as well as a positive self-image are central to the EQ we aim to raise for our teenage girls. Both in Advisory and during Education for the Development of Leadership and Service (EDLS) – a layered (grade-level) approach to the study of community and the effect each of us has on it – each girl learns to find her own voice and comes to understand that she can develop her own intelligence and abilities.

From Physical Education & Wellness class to Spanish class to World Studies class to 3D Art Foundations, we have designed curricula that are developmentally responsive to the needs of girls, providing a medium where she can grow her sense of social responsibility and foster a concern for individual rights. At AGS, she will expand her respect for human dignity while simultaneously reaching towards her dreams. 

Community members at AGS aspire to being leaders who are committed to and knowledgeable about Middle School girls and their journey through Upper School. We seek to find current educational research and adopt best practices specifically suited to the education of girls. We look forward to partnering this voyage with each girl and her family. 

Kind Regards,

Gina C. Gordon
Director of Middle School

AGS uses girl-centered strategies both inside and outside of the classroom to ensure that all aspects of the learning environment are right for girls.

Middle School at AGS begins the important transition between a girl’s elementary and Upper School years.

Our Middle School curriculum builds habits of excellence, care, respect, and hard work that undergird our girls’ academic and social growth so that they develop into thoughtful, reflective, academically successful Upper School students. 


Middle School English provides a solid foundation in the use and understanding of the English language. Writing, grammar, reading, and vocabulary are integral parts of the English courses. Students begin practicing and polishing skills pertaining to different types of writing, such as narrative, expository, persuasive, and descriptive. With an emphasis on self-expression and expression of ideas, writing assignments encourage students to begin literary analysis and produce logical arguments in writing. Reading comprehension is developed through the study of diverse texts, including significant and classic pieces of literature. Vocabulary and grammar are part of every course, studied both independently and in the context of reading and writing.

Courses Offered
  • 6th Grade: English 6: Language Foundations 
  • 7th Grade: English 7: Identity & Expression
  • 8th Grade: English 8: Short Stories & Novels


The AGS Middle School mathematics program promotes an intellectually stimulating environment where students learn to think critically, to solve complex mathematical problems, and to communicate effectively in mathematics. Teachers encourage students to learn through active discovery, to take risks, and to think creatively. The mathematics program is designed to encourage each student’s mathematical fluency, to foster the development of process skills and critical thinking and to prepare them for college-level testing.

Courses Offered
  • 6th Grade: Math 6 
  • 7th Grade: Pre-Algebra
  • 8th Grade: Algebra I, Honors Algebra I, Geometry, Honors Geometry


Our Middle School science curriculum is an exploration of science process through guided inquiry activities that bring students and science together so that each student gains knowledge and a sense of confidence about her environment. Each student learns to analyze unfamiliar situations, collect data, consider alternatives, and then decide on a course of action. In this way, students ultimately grow to rely on their own initiative and develop an active interest in the learning process. In the middle school sequence, there is a balance between environmental, life and physical science strands, along with descriptive and quantitative aspects of science. All Middle School science topics develop students’ familiarity with laboratory techniques and lab report writing. 

Courses Offered
  • 6th Grade: Earth Science & STEAM Foundations
  • 7th Grade: Life Science
  • 8th Grade: Physical Science

World Studies

The World Studies department at AGS seeks to give students an understanding of world cultures and history. A chronological approach is used, and students learn to make historical connections over time and shifting national boundaries. Current events are also discussed. Students actively use many research resources, including web sites, atlases, interviews, periodicals, art, literature, and science resources in addition to textbooks.

In Middle School, group projects and individual presentations help to create an experiential, hands-on approach to doing research and presenting findings. Basic study skills are taught and reviewed at every level. 

Courses Offered
  • 6th Grade: World Studies 6 – Ancient Civilizations
  • 7th Grade: World Studies 7 – Analyzing World Civilizations, 500-1400 CE
  • 8th Grade: World Studies 8 – The Early Modern World, 1400-1750 CE

World Language

AGS defers the introduction of world language until the seventh grade. We believe that students in the sixth grade should be introduced to the foundations of world languages. In the sixth grade, students study Greek and Latin roots within the English curriculum and, in doing so, develop a more robust understanding of grammar as a foundation for later modern language study and to facilitate the acquisition of English vocabulary, grammar, and language structure skills.

The Middle School program allows all 7th and 8th grade students to engage actively in the study of French or Spanish. Through an immersive approach, students will learn the basics of communication with a focus on both vocabulary and grammatical understanding. As they explore the use of each language around the world, students will develop an appreciation for the rich variety of culture and history that the study of another language allows. In so doing, students will gain an appreciation for their own place in the world and a stronger sense of themselves as global citizens. Middle School language classes are project based and will explore topics deeply and with an emphasis on connecting their learning across the curriculum.

Courses Offered
  • 7th Grade: Foreign Language 7 (French or Spanish) 
  • 8th Grade: Foreign Language I or II (French or Spanish) 

Fine Arts

The Middle School Fine Arts curriculum is designed to expose students to a wide selection of artistic media and methods of expression, foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world of fine art, and provide students with a strong foundation of technical skill.

Courses Offered
  • 6th Grade: Performing Arts 6 & Visual Arts 6 
  • 7th Grade: Fine Arts Elective (2D Foundations, 3D Foundations, Chorus, Theatrical Arts, Musical Theater, or Production Design)
  • 8th Grade: Fine Arts Elective (2D Foundations, 3D Foundations, Chorus, Theatrical Arts, Musical Theater, or Production Design)

Physical Education & Wellness

Physical Education is based on the national standards for physical education developed by the National Association of Sports and Physical Education. The program provides opportunities to try new skills and introduces steps that lead to living a healthy lifestyle. Heart rate monitors are used so that students learn not only how the body responds to exercise, but also the intensity at which they should be exercising.

Atlanta Girls’ School believes that good physical and emotional health promotes academic success and provides a life-long appreciation for wellness. Health education is an essential aspect of girls’ development, and because our Fitness & Wellness curriculum is delivered within the context of our PE courses, PE is mandatory. Exceptions are only granted in extenuating circumstances.

Courses Offered
  • 6th Grade: Physical Education & Wellness 6
  • 7th Grade: Physical Education & Wellness 7
  • 8th Grade: Physical Education & Wellness 8