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We prepare girls for college and beyond. We help each girl develop a deeper sense of self, a firm command of her own voice and the understanding that she is able and impelled to influence change in the world. Come join us.


The best way to get to know AGS is to be a Hurricane for a Day! During a shadow day, a prospective student will typically experience two classes, lunch and community time, all guided by a student host! Monday morning opportunities include our all-school assemblies, and Tuesday afternoons include Leaderships Labs.

Please register for 6th-9th grade shadow days using Ravenna. Prospective students considering grades 10-12, email admission@atlantagirlsschool.org.


Prospective parents and students are welcome to take small-group tours of AGS on Thursday mornings, led by students hosts. Email admission@atlantagirlsschool.org or sign up in Ravenna to reserve your spot!


Looking for a quick overview of what AGS has to offer? Join us on Zoom for a 25 minute introduction. RSVP for March 29th.



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Toni's Senior Speech inspired us to stop accepting the status quo! Toni, we are grateful we had the opportunity to hear your story about staying true to yourself as a person and athlete. Well done!
Anaya took us on a journey through her life, using songs as the guide, during her Senior Speech. Thank you, Anaya, for sharing your story and reminding us all of the power of music.
During our most recent round of Senior Speeches, Mia inspired us with her personal story about family, embracing what makes you different, and the importance of having a community of support. Thank you for sharing with us, Mia!
Let's hear it for AGS scientists! All six of our competitors in last week's Atlanta Regional Science and Engineering Fair earned awards, and five of them will compete at the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair at the end of March! More info about their projects:

🥈 Jaida Powell earned a Silver Medal for her project "Surfactant Effectiveness against Bacteria on Romaine Lettuce."

🥈 Ai Phan and Eva Carrera earned a Silver Medal for "Remediation of Heavy Metals using Activated Carbon from Agricultural Waste." They also earned the US EPA Letter Of Encouragement and qualified for the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair.

🥇 Julianne Brown and Bella Huang earned a Gold Medal for "Eco-Carbon Collector." They also earned the US EPA Letter of Encouragement, a special award from NOAA for their innovative work to tackle climate change, and qualified for the GSEF.

🥇 Malak Desouky earned a Gold Medal for "Mycoremediation of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soils by Oyster Mushrooms." She also earned the Association of Women in Geosciences award, the National Geographic Award, the NASA Earth Science Award, the Ricoh Sustainable Development Award, and the US EPA Letter of encouragement in addition to qualifying for the GSEF.

Congratulations, scientists!
Registration for our summer camp is open! Girls entering first through sixth grades, join us for three weeks of learning and fun in June! Find more information at atlantagirlsschool.org/camp.
Thank you, Alexa, for sharing your Senior Speech about facing your fears! We were all inspired by hearing about how you've grown—and surprised yourself—when you've stepped out of your comfort zone. Congratulations for giving a fantastic speech!

Tailored Tuition at AGS

Tailored Tuition is the tuition affordability model at Atlanta Girls’ School. This model allows AGS to create a culturally and socioeconomically diverse community that fosters inclusion and enriches the educational and social-emotional experience for students and adults. We understand that every family’s financial picture is different. Tailored Tuition uses a family’s unique financial situation and ability to afford AGS to determine an individualized tuition for your daughter(s).

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Why single-gender education?

The advantages are clear. Research shows that girls who attend single-gender schools achieve an edge in the real world. While learning in an environment where they are supported and nurtured by both their teachers and their peers, girls are comfortable asking questions, sharing their ideas freely, and welcoming others to do the same. They discover more about themselves and become confident and comfortable with taking healthy risks as learners and leaders.

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