We are Atlanta Girls' School

We prepare girls in grades 6 – 12 for college and beyond. We help each girl develop a deeper sense of self, a firm command of her own voice and the understanding that she is able and impelled to influence change in the world.


Get to know the Atlanta Girls’ School community for yourself! Join us for one of our upcoming admission events. Take a peek into classrooms, ask any questions you may have, and see the magic of AGS up close.

Small Group Tour
Wednesday, February 21 at 9 a.m.

AGS in 25 (virtual)
Wednesday, February 29 at 12 p.m.



Why single-gender education?

The advantages are clear. Research shows that girls who attend single-gender schools achieve an edge in the real world. While learning in an environment where they are supported and nurtured by both their teachers and their peers, girls are comfortable asking questions, sharing their ideas freely, and welcoming others to do the same. They discover more about themselves and become confident and comfortable with taking healthy risks as learners and leaders.

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