AGS provides powerful, practical, and innovative leadership opportunities purposefully designed for girls. Discover our unmatched signature programs.

Leadership Labs

Our Leadership Labs combine relevant leadership skills with student interests to ensure our students develop a wide range of leadership abilities during their years at AGS. Each student takes four mini-courses in a given year, with options ranging from Robots on a Mission to Speak!

Advisory at AGS

The mission of the Advisory program is to help each girl develop beyond the classroom, and it is aligned with our aim to offer an education that empowers girls to reach their fullest potential as global citizens and intellectuals.

Advisory helps to ensure that each graduate of AGS will leave our halls as a young woman with integrity, respect for herself and others, self-discipline, humility, self-awareness, compassion, and courage. The advisory system is grade-level based.

Just as they do in their classrooms, teachers as advisors build and facilitate relationships, actively engage students, plan activities, help each student to identify personal and academic goals, act on teachable moments, reinforce expectations, and help students to become their best selves.

Students have a dedicated advisor throughout their Middle School years, and then again for their four years in Upper School. Working with advisors, teachers, and the Grade Level Dean, the girls in each grade form a supportive community.

Each student’s advisor is her advocate and serves as an essential communication link between home and school, for the advisor is the person on campus who knows best each of his/her students. Advisories meet three times per week for twenty-five minute advisory periods.


Global Travel Program

AGS girls are citizens of the world. All graduates are required to participate in at least one school-sponsored global travel experience during their time in Upper School. From Spain to Kenya or London, students travel across the globe as they mature into young women, seeing the world through a broad lens.

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With access to real-world experiences, all students are required to complete two customized internships with local, national, or global organizations.



Internships allow students to better understand the needs of communities as they gain valuable professional and life skills. 

Students are asked to identify areas of interest for internships by identifying their career dreams and the social issues that are most important to them. 

The goals of the program and of each 70 hour+ internship placement are as follows:

  • Explore a career track
  • Create a working resume
  • Learn how to pursue career opportunities
  • Practice professional and leadership skills


Winterim is when curiosity takes the driver’s seat. It’s why AGS girls love to return to school after the winter break. This two-week program is a mini-semester that gives our faculty and students the opportunity to try something new, explore a topic in-depth, or approach a familiar subject from a new angle.

Learning looks different during Winterim. Homework may be to rehearse a dramatic scene or to write a personal reflection on a film. Winterim courses are often based on STEAM and interdisciplinary experiential learning.

Various course offerings reflect the collaborative design-thinking approach to STEAM which has been a core value in our interdisciplinary curriculum. Students are invited to take a deep dive into rigorous content, including exploring AP topics; looking inward to find ways to care for themselves; and looking out into the world to make global connections.

Experiential learning classes provide opportunities for community collaboration that cultivate new interests, performance, service, awareness of diversity, hands-on making, or design work, as well as fitness, wellness, and personal growth.

Community instructors for our Winterim program include professors from Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia Institute of Technology, software engineers, scientists, lawyers, alumnae, and artists.