Research confirms that girls who attend single-gender schools achieve an edge in the real world!

Atlanta Girls’ School uses girl-centered strategies both inside and outside the classroom to ensure that all aspects of the learning environment are best for girls.

At AGS, a girl speaks up because she’s not afraid of looking too smart. She offers her ideas freely and welcomes others to do the same. She becomes more confident and comfortable with taking risks. Strong role models help her discover her own strengths, and leadership opportunities from her first year forward give her the hands-on practice crucial to self-confidence. When a girl completes her AGS education, she understands who she is and is ready to thrive in mixed-gender educational, career, and social settings.

Girls at Girls’ Schools

  • Achieve a higher level of academic abilities, higher SAT scores, higher confidence in math skills, increased political awareness and activism, and greater interest in graduate study (Sax, 2009)
  • Earn better grades (Sugden, 2009)
  • Study physics, engineering, and computer science more (Kessels & Hannover, 2008)
  • Participate in athletics more (James, 2000; Weisfeld, 1982)
  • Exhibit less anxiety (Brutsaert, 2004) and participate less in high-risk behaviors (Curtin, 2004; Commerford, 2006; Bruce and Sanders, 2001)

Inspiring Girls to Lead Lives of Purpose