AGS Curriculum

All aspects of the AGS curriculum are fashioned so that every student can be reached.

Girls learn through relationships with one another and their teachers. At Atlanta Girls’ School, a girl owns her learning because her teachers return questions with questions, encouraging healthy, intellectual risk taking. They scaffold the curriculum so that she learns to solve her own problems. Strong role models inspire her to make a difference, and leadership opportunities from her first year forward give her hands-on practice crucial to self-confidence. When a girl completes her AGS education, she is physically and emotionally strong. She has a big heart, a bright mind, and the capacity and initiative to create change in the world around her.

Whether conducting an experiment to test a scientific concept expressed through literary interpretation, creating graphic designs using art and technology, combining geometry and history to produce theatrical sets, or exploring the vast geographic regions where the complexity of languages and cultures are expressed and understood, our students explore, discover, and make meaning through their learning.

In partnership with teachers, families, and coaches, AGS girls make a way through dynamic experiences that shape their voices, their compass, their journeys, and their choices.

At Atlanta Girls’ School, girls go beyond the surface. Girls understand and value the richness of diverse experiences and perspectives, finding purpose within the many intersections of teaching and learning. Each girl has the space and encouragement to understand her talents and fully cultivate her intellectual interests. Whether information technology, literature, environmental science, music, or visual and performing arts, girls are guided thoughtfully to work toward understanding and relevant application of knowledge as active contributors to our complex society.

Krista Parker, Director of Middle and Upper School