AGS girls love to sing, as evidenced by over 80 girls who elect to take chorus as part of their schedules.

Middle School Chorus

Middle School chorus students learn the basics of singing in a choral ensemble, music history, and music theory. They study the foundations of proper vocal technique, breath control, intonation, posture, balance, and blend. Students are also given an introduction to the chronology of the musical eras, musical genres (pop, rock, jazz, Broadway, and classical), and famous composers. In this course, students begin to understand and apply beginners’ knowledge of music notation, harmonic structure, form, intervallic relationships, and sight-reading using Solfeggio. This is a performance-based class using repertoire and method studies. 

Additional opportunities for students to showcase their vocal talents are in the Middle School Glee Club.

Upper School Chorus

This course for students in grades 9 through 12 is a performance-based class, using repertoire to build upon foundational skills. Students develop and foster intermediate/advanced vocal techniques while singing SSA to SSAA mixed pieces accompanied and a cappella. Students engage in critical analysis of performances, historical pieces, and self-study. Students demonstrate and apply intermediate understanding of music theory by sight-reading, harmonic dictation, and aural skills. 

Additional opportunities for students to showcase their vocal talents are by audition in the Upper School a cappella group Category 5. 


Category 5 A Cappella

Founded in 2013 as a Senior Capstone Project, Category 5 is the AGS a cappella group for girls in grades 9 through 12. An audition is required, as participation is by invitation only. Category 5 performs throughout the school year at special assemblies, Open House, and the Fine Arts Department Showcase. 

An annual Chorus highlight is participation in Festival Disney at Walt Disney World. AGS chorus members perform throughout the year at events including Open House, the Winter Concert, and the Fine Arts Department Showcase.