Class of 2021 EDLS Grant Ceremony

The Class of 2021 held their Grant Ceremony this week. Students spent this semester finding a cause that is near and dear to their hearts. Thank you to ACLU of Ga, ArtReach, Hope Atlanta, Quality Care for Children, and Southern Center for Human Rights for coming to AGS and partnering with our students.  Below are details about the 10th-grade Education for the Development of Leadership and Service (EDLS) curriculum and photos of their event. 

In the fall semester, 10th grade students become micro-philanthropists. They visit The Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta to learn about foundations, grantmaking, non-profit organizations, and to identify personal values and areas of interest. Visits are made to many local nonprofit organizations. Students read and discuss philanthropic case studies, which highlight how individuals have given of their time, talent, and treasure and explore the myriad ways in which one can contribute to their local and global communities. Students examine the hallmarks of good philanthropy versus potentially irresponsible philanthropy, as well as how to properly research and evaluate a non-profit organization. This course is taught in conjunction with the AGS Office of Advancement.

In support of the AGS mission, students are required to complete two internship experiences. In the spring of their sophomore year, students give more specific focus to their areas of interest, as it relates to activism and advocacy. Under the guidance of our Internship Coordinator, the students begin to network and research potential internship opportunities. They learn about professionalism and learn how to develop a personal resume.