6th Grade Volunteers at Sheltering Arms

As part of their Education for the Development of Leadership and Service curriculum, sixth grade students volunteered as ​​​readers and play pals during Operation Storybook held at the Sheltering Arms Model Learning Center in downtown Atlanta. Students donated books, read to the children, and used some of the performing and visual arts skills they’ve learned this year to help students create something related to the story. It was an exciting day!

Here is what some of the girls had to say: 

“The most rewarding part about the trip was that I got to help the kids learn.” — Sanaa

“The most rewarding part was seeing the children’s faces light up when they made connections.” — Lindsey Smith

“The most interesting part was when they would find something in a book and tell us all they knew about the book.” — Ellie

“I made little bugs out of pipe cleaners for the kids. We made animal puppets and made a little puppet show.” — Ann

“I used Performing Arts skills when projecting my voice, English skills when reading the book, Math by measuring out the proportions of paper, and Visual Arts when drawing and doing the activities.” — Sabra

“The most interesting part of the trip was seeing how the kids really interacted with the books and activities, because I felt they were learning something new.” — Leah

“The most challenging part was when the babies crawled up and ran away because I had to run to pick them up!” –Arden

“The most rewarding part was when the kids repeated things back to me.” –Margaret