Sally Weltner

“I looked forward to being an AGS student ever since attending Smart Girls Camp as a third grader. I love the small size of the classes here. It is very easy to get to know everyone and create a bond. It also gives me the opportunity to have one-on-one time with teachers who know me well enough to know my learning style and my struggles. I have gained confidence here for sure; I am more interested in learning and speaking out about what I think or believe.”

Sally’s passion for service extends beyond her local community. Over the summer in 2016, Sally traveled to Thailand and Cambodia for four weeks. In Thailand, she focused on teaching Thai students English and taking care of elephants in an elephant sanctuary. But her time in Cambodia is where Sally notes she saw her most personal growth and where her passion for international development was confirmed.

“As soon as I saw the hard work and important issues we’d be tackling in Cambodia, I knew I wanted to choose this trip as my global travel experience. This was the kind of challenge I want to meet in a future career: foreign service with a focus on working with developing countries and helping the people there reach their full potential.”

She began the trip by learning about the history of the Khmer Rouge and the impact it had on the government and the people of Cambodia. She also visited multiple NGOs that work to fight the corruption in the government and provide means of alternative therapy. Sally hopes to continue this service work in international relations and pursue a career in the nonprofit sector.

In Fall of 2018, Sally will attend Tufts University.

Sally is a member of the Class of 2018.