Zoe Webb ’17

Zoe Webb is a February 2016 Hurricane of the Month.

Zoe is an 11th grader in the AGS advanced theatre class. Barbara Uterhardt is proud of Zoe’s determination and willingness to better her talent. Mrs. Uterhardt is also delighted with all of the accomplishments Zoe’s over this school year, “Zoe was inJames and the Giant Peach at OnStage in January and in the AGS spring production of Peter Pan, and she won first place for Personal Essay and won as part of the Girls’ Trio in Regional Literary Competition!” When asked why she enjoys performing, Zoe said, “I love theatre because it helps me approach people with compassion. As an actress you have to understand your character to their depths and abandon all assumptions. Using this practice in the real world has helped me become a happier, more accepting person.”

Keep up the hard work, and congratulations on being February’s Hurricane of the Month, Zoe!