Sophie Pegnia ‘21

Sophie Pegnia is a September 2015 Hurricane of the Month.

Sophie is a 7th grader on the middle school cross-country team. She has been running for 2 years. According to Coach Newberg, “Sophie has jumped right into the start of the season with both feet and has been working hard at each and every practice. She has even gone the extra ‘mile’ with bonus hill repeats and challenging the rest of the girls, including the varsity team at the river. She has a great attitude, a desire to learn, and run faster.”

Sophie has been a huge asset to the team. She is constantly working on bettering herself and helping others to succeed in their goals, her teammates and coaches are proud of her accomplishments thus far in the season. When asked why Sophie chose to run she said, “Running is a great way to learn how to set goals for yourself. I love running because it makes me feel strong!”