Milan Ming ’20

Milan Ming is a March 2016 Hurricane of the Month.

Milan is an 8th grader who has a passion for running, and she has been running track since she was 7 years old. According to Coach Otts, “Milan won the 100 and 200 meter dash at the Galloway meet, setting a new personal best of 12:94 (100m) and 25:45 (200m).” The team is proud of all of Milan’s accomplishments and determination to push herself to do her very best. When asked why she runs, she said, “I like to run track because it keeps my body toned and in shape! I also love the friendships that I’ve developed through running track. Track may not be the easiest sport but I enjoy it because it challenges me to be a better athlete and an all around better person!”

Keep up the hard work, and congratulations on being March’s Hurricane of the Month, Milan!