Kendall Matheson ‘20

Kendall Matheson is a December 2014 Hurricane of the Month.

Kendall Matheson is a 7th grader and second-year member of the middle school swim team. New to competitive swimming last year as a 6th grader, Kendall surpassed the coaches’ expectations this season. Consistent hard work and a ‘can do’ spirit at practice allowed Kendall to see tremendous improvement in her times. Kendall dropped 8 seconds in the 50 freestyle, and she also dropped significant time in the backstroke and 100 free.

Coach Cat Stansbury said in addition to all of her accomplishments, “Kendall proved to be a leader in her lane at each practice and consistently cheered, supported, and encouraged her teammates.” Kendall’s enthusiasm comes naturally because she loves the water and likes being a part of a team. Kendall adds, “My coaches and teammates are great!”

This spring Kendall will participate in track & field for the first time, and she is also a member of the middle school dance team.