Emily Toma-Harrold ‘19

Emily Toma-Harrold is an October 2015 Hurricane of the Month.

Emily is a 9th grader on the varsity cross-country team. She has been running cross country for two years. According to Coach Floyd, “Emily leads her team by example. She works hard every day and is the first to offer help for the good of the team. She is humble about her ability, and she’s an excellent teammate. She never complains and will eagerly do whatever workout we have planned because she knows it will help her improve as a runner.”

Emily has been a huge asset to the team helping them come in 3rd in the region. Emily enjoys the many benefits of her involvement with cross country. When asked why she chose to run, Emily said, “I play sports because I like to compete. I also like how I can be with my friends and stay fit.”