Dia Chiusano ’22

Dia Chiusano is a February 2016 Hurricane of the Month.

Dia is a 6th grader who decided to try a new sport this year, track and field. Dr. Fiarley, “This is Dia’s first year at AGS and her first year participating in track and field. Dia has come to each practice with a positive attitude and works hard to improve her skills. She is currently considering shot put and long jump as her primary events but she is open to anything.” When asked why she enjoys running Dia said, “I enjoy track and field because I have never tried it before and I’m a fast runner and I can do long distance and field events well. I wanted to play the sport because, I have never done any kind of running sport before and I’d like to try something new.”

Keep up the hard work, and congratulations on being February’s Hurricane of the Month, Dia!