AGS Breaks Ground on Campus Enhancements

On May 24, representatives from Houser Walker Architecture, Hogan Construction, BDR Partners, AGS Head of School Ayanna Hill-Gill, AGS Board of Trustees Chair Allegra Lawrence-Hardy, AGS Facilities Committee Chair Mark Rafuse, and AGS Director of Finance and Operations Ken Boyd broke ground with students, parents, and supporters on campus enhancements that begin this summer. 

In January, Head of School Ayanna Hill-Gill unveiled with community members the school’s plans for facilities enhancements before the start of the 2018-2019 school year. 

Priorities include a new set of STEAM modular classrooms, a relocated accessible entry way, and updated and expanded dining and gathering spaces for Middle and Upper School students. 

To learn more about the enhancements being made to our facilities, and to learn more about our growth, visit