Dr. Suzy Beckham

Dr. Suzy Beckham joined the AGS community in 2016. A jewel of a teacher, in her math, physics, and chemistry classes, she shares her extraordinary passion for science and her creativity in a way that brings her subjects to life and makes learning really fun.

Suzy is a self-professed chemistry nerd with a lifelong interest in math and science. For high school, she attended the North Carolina School of Science and Math, and then at Davidson College, she majored in chemistry. Then she went on to study organic chemistry at Stanford University.

Her ability to relate math and science to everyday living is really valuable, especially for girls who shy away from these subjects. She has a unique way of seeing the world that translates to engaging lessons. She recently created eDay at AGS to celebrate the mathematical constant 2.718. Her students enjoyed “e foods,” including eclairs, Eggo waffles, and English muffins. For her physics students, she made motion far more interesting with Fred, The Jumping Spring Toy Lab.

Suzy is the first teacher to have three girls at AGS, Molli ‘19, Audrey ‘20, and Lucy ‘21. This gives her the opportunity to expand her thinking around education and to experience AGS as a parent. She has some unique hobbies, too. In addition to putting together puzzles and playing board games, she loves making spreadsheets. They are her version of knitting. Suzy and her husband are planning motorcycle rides to the four corners of Georgia this summer. You can follow their journey on Facebook – GA4Corners.