National Flight Academy Opportunity for Rising 7th-12th Graders

An opportunity for five female students to attend the National Flight Academy on a $1,250 scholarship is in the works. Please read below and discuss with your scholar to see if this is something she would be interested in! If so, each scholar and parent must contact James Campbell directly via email and provide a contact phone number and scholar’s resume to this email.

This amazing opportunity for five female students to get the experience of a lifetime, which includes scholarships aboard AMBITION at the National Flight Academy in Pensacola, Florida, compliments of Delta Air Lines. Students must be a rising 7th through 12th grader and be available to attend the six-day program from June 21 – June 26, 2020. The program is going to be “Girls in Aviation Week” at the Academy.

What is the National Flight Academy?

The National Flight Academy brings the latest in multi-sensory media and simulation technologies to create an immersive naval aviator experience like none other aboard the world’s only virtual land-locked aircraft carrier, AMBITION. Their dynamic teaching methods 21st Century workforce skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and team-building.

Using the National Flight Academy’s Joint Operations Centers, Aircraft (simulators) and Joint Intelligence Centers, students will cover the following aviation principles, communication practices and soft skill challenges:

  • Four Forces of Flight
  • Bernoulli’s Principle
  • Newton’s 3rd Law
  • Radio Communications
  • Aerodynamics (Gliders vs powered aircraft)
  • Geographical orientation (latitude/longitude/Prime Meridian/Equator)
  • Physics (Electro-Magnetic Spectrum)
  • Basic flight navigation calculations (time of leg/fuel required)

The program is a 6-day, 5-night overnight camp for 7th to 12th grade students. The program begins on Sunday at noon and ends on Friday at noon with a graduation ceremony. All parents/guardians or students will be responsible for coordinating and funding travel expenses to and from the National Flight Academy camp. For additional information about the program, please visit their website.


  • Student must be currently enrolled in middle/high school, a rising 7th – 12th grader.
  • In 5 minutes or less, create a video that:
    • describes a time in your life when you have experienced or demonstrated determination and how that enabled you to achieve your goal, even when the situation felt impossible.
    • explains how you believe science, technology, engineering or mathematics will play a role in our future.
  • One recommendation letter from an active WIA, International member. Please see James Campbell, as he can write the recommendation letter.
  • Submit information, video, and recommendation letter by February 12, 2020.

Please include in the body of your email:

  • Student first and last name, age, grade level for Fall 2020, phone number and email.
  • Parent or Guardian contact info: first and last name, phone number and email.
  • Name and contact information for person dropping off child in Pensacola.

*Scholarship winners and alternates will be announced February 21, 2020. Winners must be registered by their parent or guardian via the National Flight Academy’s online registration portal by March 31, 2020.

What will be provided:

  • Program cost (participation in the AMBITION six-day deployment $1,250 per student, compliments of Delta Air Lines)
  • Housing
  • Meals
  • Instruction and access to state-of-the-art technology

*Parents will be responsible for coordinating and funding travel expenses to and from the National Flight Academy in Pensacola, Florida.