The advisory program at AGS is aligned with our aim to offer an education that empowers girls to reach their fullest potential as global citizens and intellectuals. 

Whether it be through socializing or bonding activities, advisory allows me to interact with my classmates in a different way then in my regular classes. We have each other’s backs so I know I can always go to them for any problems I am facing and immediately receive great advice.

Courtney King, Class of 2020

Advisory helps to ensure that each graduate of AGS will leave our halls as a young woman with integrity, respect for herself and others, self-discipline, humility, self-awareness, compassion, and courage. The advisory system is grade-level based. Just as they do in their classrooms, teachers serve as advisors who build and facilitate relationships, actively engage students, plan activities, help each student to identify personal and academic goals, act on teachable moments, reinforce expectations, and help students to become their best selves. 

Working with advisors, teachers, deans, and division directors, girls in each grade form a supportive community. Each student’s advisor is her advocate and serves as an essential communication link between home and school, for the advisor is the person on campus who truly knows each of his/her students. Advisories meet two times per week, on Mondays for 25 minutes and on Thursdays for 50 minutes.