Winterim is why AGS girls love to return to school after the winter break, and the chilly weeks at the beginning of January are the perfect time to warm up to something new and exciting.

This two-week Winterim program is a mini-semester that gives our faculty and students the opportunity to try something new, explore a topic in depth, or approach a familiar subject from a new angle.

Various course offerings reflect the collaborative design-thinking approach to STEAM which has been a core value in our interdisciplinary curriculum. Students are invited to take a deep dive into rigorous content, including exploring AP topics; look inward to find ways to care for themselves; and look out into the world to make global connections.


And learning looks different during Winterim. Homework may be to rehearse a dramatic scene or to write a personal reflection on a film. Courses during Winterim are often based on interdisciplinary experiential learning.

Experiential learning classes provide opportunities for community collaboration that cultivate new interests, performance, service, awareness of diversity, hands-on making, or design work, as well as fitness, wellness, and personal growth. 

Community instructors for our Winterim program include professors from Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia Institute of Technology, software engineers, scientists, lawyers, alumni, and artists.

Some of the courses included most recently included:

  • Make It Move
  • Mock Trial 101
  • The Stories of Us: Documentary Filmmaking
  • Dressing for STEAM Career Success
  • Inside ATL
  • Paralympic Games
  • Water!

Click here to see the 2020 Winterim Catalog.