Shetal Shah

Ms. Shah believes that every girl is a leader at AGS. “Inspiring girls to lead lives of purpose,” our school’s mission statement, is at the heart of her teaching.

Shetal currently teaches World Studies 7 and World Studies 9. You sense that she is a calming presence for her students, one of those teachers who leads her students with authority and a gentle hand. Talking to Shetal, her warmth and humor emerges. 

One of Shetal’s goals is to teach world history with a social perspective that motivates her students to add value to the world. Shetal came to AGS from the Young Women’s Leadership Academy in Harlem, New York, where she taught after graduating from Teachers College at Columbia University. At Columbia, she developed a passion for teaching around issues connected to social justice.

For Winterim this year, Shetal taught a class on social justice and activism with English and French teacher Jen Halicki. Students designed a project to both solve a problem and promote a cause. The girls were encouraged to seek creative solutions, and they did. One student developed an idea for an app to measure blood alcohol levels, enabling a driver to ensure it is safe to drive before getting on the road.

Like many teachers, Shetal is passionate about teaching at AGS. She really loves AGS and hopes to be here forever. She appreciates being part of a family, embraced by faculty she describes as smart, brave, curious and encouraging.

Shetal has two boys, 3-year-old Jayen and 5-year-old Avi. Her hobbies include reading, watching movies, traveling, yoga, and anything creative.