We hope you’ll visit campus to see our spaces and our people together in action—in the meantime, take a look around below!

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Our Campus

Please see a sample of our campus spaces in the photos below, alongside some words from our students about what goes on in these spaces at AGS.

Our large, light-filled classrooms provide plenty of room for a variety of engaging learning experiences.

“In the classroom, I can explore my true potential.”

Science Lab

Our campus includes four science labs and a dedicated STEAM lab. Offerings in the sciences include four Advanced Placement options and an Organic Chemistry class.

“The labs are always so fun, and we have so many resources and materials provided for the students to further enhance our understanding of science subjects.”

Art Studio

Our two art studios—one dedicated to two-dimensional art and one for three-dimensional art—are where many students first encounter tools and materials like pottery wheels and oil paints.

“The art studio is a home away from home! Spending hours of free time creating art and becoming friends with others has filled this room with a sense of community and creativity.”

Black Box Theater

The Tom King Theatre is a black-box theatre where we host our fall play and spring musical each year, in addition to classes in theatre arts, musical theatre, and production design.

“The theater is one place we learn to gain confidence.”

Horizon Center

The Horizon Center is our library and multimedia space where students can study, check out materials, and use tools like a 3D printer and sewing machines.

“I love to cozy up in one of the chairs in the Horizon Center and read or spend time with my friends.”

Upper School Commons

The Upper School Commons serves many purposes in the social lives of our students, including as the main location Upper School students eat lunch. Middle Schoolers use a similar dedicated space for lunch and activities.

“The Commons are where Upper Schoolers can relax, hang out, and enjoy the AGS community.”


Our gymnasium is home to physical education classes, athletic games and practices, and our weekly Monday Morning Assemblies. Other physical conditioning classes are held in a dedicated weight room.

“In the gym, you get strong, sweat, and accomplish challenges.”


Our Back Field is a hub for outdoor events and casual socializing. Other outdoor spaces include a patio and garden.

“The Back Field is always full of students playing games, relaxing on a picnic blanket, or attending some of our cherished events, like Screen of the Green or our field day, which is called Horizon Day.”

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