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*Updated regularly throughout spring and summer. 

Scroll below to locate the required texts, course materials, and summer work according to your course schedule for the 2019-2020 school year. Please note that the prices listed were accurate at the creation of this document and are subject to change. 

Required texts that must be purchased by AGS for students will be billed to families through Smart Tuition. The underlined blue pricing text under each required book will link you to purchase the texts online at

It is not required that you purchase these texts by this online vendor; you may choose an alternate purchasing source. When purchasing a used text, please note the ** that indicates when the used text must be UNMARKED. Instructions on how to purchase texts are included in these documents.

If you have any questions about your student’s schedule or required texts and supplies, please contact AGS Registrar Sara Fisher.

Summer Work 


*Updated regularly throughout spring and summer. 

Accessing Your Summer Work


This video made by Mr. White will walk you through how you can enroll in the appropriate class on Khan Academy to complete your AGS math summer work, and then where you will find the assignments on Khan Academy.

Summer English Assignments for All Grades

Click to download the English Summer Reading Assignments

AP Calculus BC Students Only

Students who wish to take the AP Calculus BC course should purchase the book Math Girls by Hiroshi Yuki (ISBN-10: 0983951306, ISBN-13: 978-0983951308).

This book introduces advanced mathematical concepts through a story about three students who get together to talk about math. If you have a chance to start reading it, please do so. You do not need to annotate. You will not have learned some of the math topics and that’s ok. You can skip over those and continue reading. We will study many of the new topics in BC.

Textbooks & Supplies 

2019-2020 School Year