Scroll down for the 2019 Camp Program Guide for girls in grades 7-9, which outlines camp session dates and course offerings.

Camps Overview

For the full-week experience, girls will select 4 classes. Each class option is 1.5 hours in duration, with at least one full-day full-week camp experience each week. The minimum enrollment for each class is 12 campers. See descriptions below.

Week 2 June 24 – 28

A Block (8:30 – 10 am): Girls’ Section | Morning Zen
B Block (10 – 11:30 am): Wonder Woman and Super Girls | Crafting Through France
Lunch (11:30 am – 12:30 pm)
C Block (12:30 – 2:00 pm): Time, Talent, and Treasure | Spa-Tastic Science
D Block (2:00 – 3:30 pm): Basketball and Volleyball | Shark Tank* 

Week 4 July 15 – 19

A Block (8:30 – 10 am): Game On, Gamers! | Crafting Class
B Block (10 – 11:30 am): Time, Talent, and Treasure | Wonder Woman and Super Girls
Lunch (11:30 am – 12:30 pm)
C Block (12:30 – 2:00 pm): Crafting Through France | The Girls’ Section
D Block (2:00 – 3:30 pm): Imagination Stage* | Shark Tank* 

* indicates the classes that will have a parent presentation at the end of the week. 

Course Descriptions

Grades 7-9

Morning Zen

Grades 7-9

Mindfulness is the focus on the present moment. Research shows that it can make us better students, friends, and family members. This course will explore techniques for being mindful in our everyday lives. Girls will learn meditation practices, physical activities (yoga, meditation walking, etc), and other strategies that can help to focus and relax. Every day, girls will create a different craft that will support this practice, including glitter jars, thinking putty, stress balls, journals, collage, coloring, intention jars, and dream boxes. We will also explore parts of the brain and work to understand how mindfulness supports efficient brain function.

Imagination Stage

Grades 7-9

Anything can happen on stage in this class designed to empower girls to discover their voices in the spotlight. An introduction to singing, dancing, and acting (including improvisation) on stage is at the heart of this class. Girls will prepare for a showcase for families and friends at the end of the week.

Shark Tank

Grades 7-9 

You’ve seen others on TV do it, and now it’s time to turn your ideas into gold. Girls will pair up or form groups to brainstorm invention ideas, settle on a concept, design, create, and test a prototype, develop a marketing plan, and on the final day present to the guest sharks and parents. Who knows? Campers could be on the verge of creating the next big thing!

The full-day week-long option will allow campers to deep dive into budgeting, prototyping, and public speaking practice for their pitches. 

The Girls’ Section  

Grades 7-9 

Yes, we all know where the girls’ section is at our favorite department stores. And we all know where the girls’ toys are, too (if the overpowering pink motifs didn’t give it away). The labeling of designated shopping areas for boys and girls has been a hot topic in media lately. In this class, girls will discover this ongoing conversation, research the pros and cons, and work in groups to present ways to avoid gender bias in shopping scenarios – including redesigning store layouts and product packaging.

Crafting Through France

Grades 7-9

No passports required to travel around the Francophone World learning arts and crafts traditions of French culture, all while learning key phrases, vocabulary, and language nuances in one of our most sophisticated world cultures.

Spa-tastic Science 

Grades 7-9

It’s Spa Day every day in this class! From lip gloss and sugar scrubs to perfumed soaps and face masks, girls will learn how to use simple, natural ingredients to pamper their youthful skin. The class will explore the chemistry of the everyday products we use and what could go wrong when the chemistry is off. Girls will also have the opportunity to share their creations with others by designing packaging and a marketing plan for their favorite spa product. Free samples, please!

NEW: Crafting Class

Grades 7-9

Let’s go back to the basics! Students will enjoy learning wooden block print, learn the history of block printing, ribbon embroidery, and even stamping leather keychains or bracelets! 

NEW: Time, Talent, and Treasure

Grades 7-9

Become a Philanthropist!  Learn the basics of philanthropy and learn how you can become involved in giving back to your community at any age and with more than just money.  Students will learn how to identify and explore their areas of interest and develop a plan to make a difference in our world. 

Wonder Women and Super Girls

Grades 7-9

Campers will dive into superhero comics, both old and new, and will use story mapping, writing, and art to create their own super (she)ro comics by the end of the week. The final products will be published on the AGS website with the option to continue finessing beyond camp.

Basketball and Volleyball

Grades 7-9

What better way to stay active than to try out some spots! Do you enjoy different types of sports or just want to get a feel if basketball or volleyball is for you?  Half of the week will be spent on basketball and the other half on volleyball. 

Game On, Gamers!

Grades 7-9

Have you ever dreamed of designing your own video game? If so, this class is your chance to make your dreams come true. Girls will use the online program Gamestar Mechanic to play through levels and courses that teach them the ABCs of video game design and how to make their own.