Signing of The Community Membership Trust Agreement

Members of the AGS community–students, faculty, and staff–came together for the annual signing of the Community Membership Trust Agreement.

The Community Membership Trust Agreement (CMTA) was developed by a group of faculty and students during the 2002-03 school year. Each year, AGS students review the agreement and affirm their commitment to abide by it. This trust agreement contains the heart of our expectations for student behavior.

At Atlanta Girls’ School, we are members of a community. Thus, while accepting and celebrating our differences, we have a common code of behavior. This agreement allows us to live in trust within our community since we are aware of what to expect of each other.

Code of Behavior

At AGS, we work together to help each other and our school. Everyone in the community tries hard to be respectful, respected, and responsible. We express our respect through kindness and politeness to each other. Our attitude toward each other is inclusive, welcoming, and sisterly, and our interactions demonstrate a high level of cooperation, care, and compassion. We strive to act and to speak honorably and honestly.

While we are a community that values teamwork, we also respect each other’s privacy and personal property. We consider personal property to include feelings of self-esteem and positive identity. Though we are not ultimately responsible for the feelings of self-esteem and positive identity of our peers, we are considerate of them. We understand that in a community we sometimes have to put the needs of others before our own immediate impulses. We try hard for the ideal, but we are a safe and forgiving place, encouraging to those who occasionally make mistakes. We are responsive to apologies; however, we expect individuals to take responsibility for what they say and do, just as we expect ourselves to follow through on what we say we will do.

We exercise care for our community, our physical environment, and ourselves. This insures a good learning environment and is as important as academics, athletics, and activities in making AGS the place we want it to be.

Honor Pledge

As a member of the AGS community, I pledge to maintain a high level of respect and integrity as a student representing Atlanta Girls’ School. I will not lie, cheat, steal, plagiarize, or be complicit with those who do. I will encourage fellow students who commit these honor offenses to acknowledge such offenses to the teachers, and I understand that allowing an offense to go unreported is a violation of the CMTA. I make this pledge in the spirit of honor and trust.