Junior Selected As 2015 Youth Activism Fellow

AGS junior Imani Wilson-Shabazz has been selected as a 2015 Youth Activism Fellow at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. This fellowship, co-sponsored by PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLC and The Center, gives 25 Metro-Atlanta teenagers the opportunity to explore the intersection of culture, community, and human rights with a particular emphasis on human rights leadership. The Center will create a space for young people to explore their own identities and abilities as activists.

Through a variety of experiences, Fellows will raise their potential as individuals who play significant roles in making possible social change. Fellows will develop as Scholars, by learning civil and human rights history and how the legacies of this history are affecting the world today; as Ambassadors by serving as representatives of The Center when at The Center and out in the community; as Leaders by participating in experiences that increase their awareness of leadership opportunities, their own leadership skills, and how their roles in society can influence the world around them; and as Stewards by receiving a stipend upon completion of the program along with financial literacy information to support their futures as change agents. All Fellows will travel to Washington, D.C,. in June 2015, for the culmination of the fellowship program.