Founders’ Day 2018

Every year at the beginning of November, we reflect on the founding of Atlanta Girls’ School, the school’s mission, and how privileged we all are to be members of such a dynamic, energetic, and inspirational community.  

This year, we hosted a panel discussion among women founders. The moderator was Ellen Adair Wyche, AGS Board of Trustees member and President, The Wyche Group. She was joined by panelists:

  • Brooke Weinmann, AGS Co-Founder. Brooke is the co-founder, past board chair and current trustee emerita of Atlanta Girls’ School. Since 2017, she has been Director of Engagement and Development at Connoisseurs Tours, a company specializing in designing and executing journeys for regional and national membership organizations, colleges, universities, etc. that want to offer a sophisticated travel program.
  • Lucy Fry, Co-Founder of Biscuit Studios LLC and AGS Parent. Biscuit Studios has evolved from a small boutique graphic design studio into a full-service design firm with print, web, and rich media experience across a variety of industries, including nonprofit, retail, and corporate. 
  • Belisa M. Urbina, Founder and Executive Director of Ser Familia. Ser Familia is the leading program in Georgia that provides coordinated multi-disciplinary family services to Latinos. Through culturally relevant and sensitive programs the organization guides teens, couples, parents and families to be strong and healthy, and of value to each other and society. 
  • Ilham Askia, Executive Director of Gideon’s Promise. Gideon’s Promise is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public defender advocacy organization that provides training, leadership development, and mentorship to improve the quality of legal representation for the clients and communities they serve.

Below are some photos and a video of our special Founders’ Day Assembly.