Connect AGS Students to Internship Opportunities

As part of AGS’s Education for the Development of Leadership and Service curriculum (EDLS), every student completes an internship in both her junior and senior year as a graduation requirement. This is a priceless opportunity afforded to each girl so she can experience the responsibilities and opportunities of the workplace. With guidance from the AGS Internship Director, each student identifies an internship placement that is customized to fuel her passions, allows her to experience success outside her comfort zone, enables her to practice her leadership and professional skills, and helps her to learn about the broader community. Since the program’s inception, AGS girls have been placed in more than 100 local, national, and global organizations.

With a minimum requirement of 70 hours over at least three weeks each year, the average student works more than 90 hours during each internship – with some stretching to greater than 200 hours. Prior to beginning their internships, students will have participated in a year of EDLS focused on philanthropy, advocacy, and activism and will have completed coursework on workplace professionalism, workplace safety, and making the most of your internship.

We are looking for connections in our community to place girls in the following disciplines:

  • Architecture and Design (Interior and Exterior)
  • Art (Animation, Design, and Illustration)
  • Author (Publishing and Writing)
  • Business (Economics, Financial Management, Marketing, and International Relations)
  • Entertainment (Film, Media, and Production)
  • Law
  • Medical (Clinic, Healthcare Administration, Public Health, Research)
  • Psychology
  • Veterinary Services

Please contact Yvonne Hopkins, AGS Director of Internships, to discuss any potential opportunities. We appreciate your support of our program.