6th Grade STEAM Lesson of Math and Science Collaboration

We love when we can see STEAM throughout the day at AGS! The 6th grade class comes together once every two weeks to code using Little Bits code kits. In this particular lesson, 6th grade math and science classes were learning to code sequences of sounds. They did this by going through tutorials provided by the Little Bits website and building their inventions using the “bits” (various pieces of engineering – E for engineering – that will light up, provide power, make sounds, display images, slide to affect sound and image, buttons, pressure sensors…) and coding on their computers (T for Technology) to create sound with their bits. In this lesson, they were learning about music (A-for Art) and examining how different letters made different sounds and how different numbers affected the pitch/octave (M for Math). They also used this lesson to learn more about inputs, outputs, and the functions of different bits (S for Science). Some of them even created a little tune!