Entrepreneurship Class Shark Tank Projects

It’s “Shark Tank” time at AGS! Sixteen students in Mrs. Clayton’s Economics & Entrepreneurship class presented their entrepreneurship project business plans to three judges (and local entrepreneurs!) – Samantha Hodgkins, Ellen Adair Wyche, and Carrie Salone. The winners will be announced on Awards Day next week. Congratulations on all of your hard work, girls. And a big thank you to our judges for coming in and giving such great feedback!

AGS’s US Economics & Entrepreneurship course combines the fundamentals of microeconomics (e.g., demand, supply, pricing, production, incentives, etc.) with business planning and development. The culmination of the course is creating and presenting a business plan, with an award for the most creative and feasible plan. Students also study macroeconomic concepts (e.g., economic measurement, financial markets, the Federal Reserve System, trade, and globalization). Students participate in hands-on experiences, reading and discussion, role play, simulations, lecture, and demonstrations. In addition, they benefit from the mentorship of women in business and guest speakers.