The Portrait guides our work and informs how we evaluate and structure our programs.

The purpose of the educational program at Atlanta Girls’ School is to instill in students the strengths of character, competence, and reflection needed for its students to lead full and productive lives and to be responsible citizens, ready to face the challenges the world will present. Together these characteristics paint the Portrait of an AGS Graduate. 

Character – An Atlanta Girls’ School graduate will be

  • Authentic – becomes fully one’s self and fearless
  • Compassionate – serves for the benefit of others
  • Resilient – possesses courage and leads with confidence
  • Ethical – acts with honor and integrity
  • Generous – practices giving with a gracious attitude

Competence – An Atlanta Girls’ School graduate possesses

  • Logic and Creativity – solves problems thoughtfully
  • Communication – speaks publicly with confidence; expresses herself through writing
  • Cultural Intelligence – understands global perspectives and values
  • Collaborative Solutions – works effectively with others of diverse backgrounds
  • Discernment and Prioritization – makes good decisions, personally and academically

Reflection – An Atlanta Girls’ School graduate is

  • Self-aware – understands the power and responsibility of her own voice
  • Adaptive – persists and finds success with flexibility
  • Responsive – advocates with an open mind and willingness to try and willing to try
  • Empathetic – cares deeply for others
  • Healthy – exercises good choices for mind, body, and relationships