NONANON is the AGS annual student-published literary arts magazine. 

Many wonder how Nonanon got its name. Here is what the founding editors had to say: 

“At one time in history, a woman could not publish her writing under her own name. However, if her work was very good, and she wanted it to be published, she might use either a male pseudonym or the name “Anonymous.” Many scholars of literature believe poems or writing with an anonymous author were written by women. When AGS was a brand new school with brand new students studying great writers like Anne Bradstreet (1615-1672) and contemporary works of literature such as The Poisonwood Bible (Barbara Kingsolver, 1998), students in English classes became quite angry when they learned how women had to fight to gain equity in the world of writing and publishing.

“While creating palindromes (a word, line, verse, number, or sentence reading the same backward as forward), a student created the nonanon example, and the name was chosen as the title of our literary arts magazine. Nonanon also gives a “nod” to Shakespeare’s word anon, meaning shortly, which is often said by characters in his plays. Whether speaking lines from Shakespeare, reading famous women writers, writing and giving speeches, sharing personal reflections, poems, songs, photographs, or artwork, the young women of Atlanta Girls’ School are “not anonymous.” They are proud of their names, their work, their writing, and we are proud to publish them.”

2017 – 2018 NONANON: Individuality in the Face of Society 

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There are 86 pages of artwork, poems, photography, and more from AGS students. 

2015-2016 NONANON:
The Elements of Variance

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There are 20 pages of artwork, poems, photography, and more from AGS students.