Middle School Science Fair Awards

Last Friday, AGS hosted its first Science and Engineering Fair as part of AGS MakeHer day. Parents, teachers, fellow students and judges from the community were all impressed with the joy, authenticity and purposeful work of our students.

During last week’s assembly students with the most innovative projects, those with the best science process, and the students with the best teamwork and growth mindset were honored. Milan Medley, Sasha Menzie, Sophie Sellers, Tess Freyaldenhoven, Riley Fishman, Rachel Schoenberg, Margaret Beltrami were recognized for developing the strongest projects in their grade level.

Of the 67 projects submitted to the Science and Engineering Fair, sixth-graders Marley Irving and Jamison Shears took third place overall for their project “Can we help the visually impaired see ruler measurements better if we add a sliding magnifying glass to a ruler?”. Eighth-grader Evie Brinson took second place overall for her project “Are people with ADHD better at noticing small details than people without it?”. The winner of the 2019 Science and Engineering Fair is Layla Mandigo for her project “Which method makes the most reliable bioplastic?”.