Hunger Week Recognition at the Middle School

This year, our Hunger Week Committee put together activities to help educate the entire student body on the topics of immigration and gang violence. Last week, during assembly, they provided an educational presentation to inform the student body of the purpose and goals of the week long recognition. Earlier this week, in advisory, students had the opportunity to explore their own personal knowledge around these topics through a series of questions created by the committee and led by their advisors. In assembly this week, they listened to another informational presentation and heard from a speaker from El Refugio who expressed his experiences regarding gangs El Salvador.

In relation to the assembly presentation, the Middle School students were involved in a simulation in which they had the opportunity to follow the pathway of someone facing gang recruitment or violence, and empathize with the difficult scenarios these individuals face. In addition, they watched a TedTalk with more information on this year’s topic.

We want to ensure our Middle School students have the opportunity to process this challenging topic with support of their families at home.