Cyber Safety at AGS

Ben Halpert, cyber safety expert and award-winning author, was a man on a mission as he came to AGS to educate and empower our girls as digital citizens.

By day, he is the VP of Risk and Corporate Security at Ionic Security Inc. bringing his global experience in Risk Management, Cyber Security, Physical Security, Audit, Privacy, and Compliance to the world’s most innovative data protection company on behalf of its customers.

By night, he champions cyber ethics education throughout society via the 501(c)3 nonprofit Savvy Cyber Kids he founded in 2007.

Advice from Mr. Halpert:

If you are a target of online bullies:

Ignore them, block them, tell an adult, tell friends; if it continues, call police—you are never alone so go speak to people in your lives.

Before you post:

Is it respectful? Is it empathetic to others?  If it were you, would it make you happy, or would it make you sad? If the picture you are about to post would make you sad if someone posted it of you, then you should not post.

Did you know:

Pictures on your smart phone go to iCloud, and then to Google’s data center where it is copied to other clouds many times and sent all over the world to many different countries.

Mr. Halpert Also Advises:

  • Set all social media profiles to private
  • Do not use an application if you can’t create private settings
  • Turn off geolocation
  • Cover your webcams
  • Install updates to your device regularly
  • Take yourself off of technology one hour before bedtime—
  • Do not put your phones by your bed because research shows cellular waves affect human tissue