Taylor Hall ‘21

Taylor Hall is a December 2014 Hurricane of the Month.

Sixth grader Taylor Hall has found a new sport that she loves to play–basketball. Throughout her inaugural season on the Storm team, she figured out what impact can be made on the floor. “I like that basketball is an aggressive sport where you can be a great asset to your team in different positions,” says Taylor.

Coach Melissa Bobeck says Taylor is ‘a natural’ and has a limitless basketball future. “She is tenacious on the basketball court and can often be found diving on the ground after every loose ball; ripping it out of the other team’s hands. Taylor was able to catch on quickly, becoming an excellent defensive player and a confident shooter.”

The AGS Storm basketball team is a development team for girls that have little or no basketball experience, but have a willing attitude to learn and have fun. Taylor’s experience is exactly why this team was created. “I had no basketball experience whatsoever before I came to AGS. The coaches’ daily instructions and drills were fun and helpful. Our team progressed and worked hard. Going into overtime twice with my team was definitely an experience.”

Taylor is a three-sport athlete at AGS. In addition to basketball, she plays volleyball and soccer. Taylor is also a 6th Grade Social Chair.