Mariana Arcinigas ’17

Mariana Arcinigas is a January 2016 Hurricane of the Month.

Mariana is an 11th grader who has had a passion for art since she could remember. According to Mr. Grainger, “Mariana embodies a genuine commitment to learning. She works diligently to increase her understanding and improve her technical skills. Mariana consistently puts in whatever time and effort the task requires. She does not settle, she does not give up, and she does not let doubt stand in her way. She is behaving like an artist.” When asked why she chose to spend time creating art, she said, “I love art because it’s everywhere. I choose to be in this amazing field because I am an artist who has a sensitive and disparate idea of the world around us. I identify art as a material form to express my concepts over things around us.“

Keep up the hard work, and congratulations on being January’s Hurricane of the Month, Mariana!