Mari Touré ’17

Mari Touré is a October 2016 Hurricane of the Month.

Mari is a 12th grader on the AGS Varsity Volleyball team. This is her eighth year playing. Coach Casey is proud of all that Mari has accomplished. According to Coach Casey, “With the rigors of academics at AGS, a student athlete must be self-disciplined, relentless, and confident. Mari embodies these traits and pairs them with exceptional athletic ability, selflessness, self-motivation, and leadership that has been a catalyst for the success we have achieved so far this year. Mari is a phenomenal athlete, but is an even better person. She is well rounded, humble, respectful, and a model of a character for success. Mari is doing this all while away from her immediate family, pursuing what she believes in at AGS and making the most of her opportunities her senior year.” When asked why she enjoys playing, Mari had this to say: “I love it because it has taught me discipline and dedication. Volleyball has become a huge part of who I am and works as an escape from academics and other activities. When I am on the court, everything around me disappears, and I become focused. I know exactly where to move my feet and where to hit a ball. The energy and momentum of a volleyball team is more exhilarating than any other sport I’ve played before.”

Keep up the hard work, and congratulations on being October’s Hurricane of the Month, Mari!