Caroline Sellers ‘20

Caroline Sellers is a January 2015 Hurricane of the Month.

Caroline is a 7th grade member of the Gold basketball team. According to coach Jessica Forte, Caroline’s work ethic and ‘never give up’ attitude played a major role in an overtime win to clench AGSs’ second place going into the region semi-finals. Coach Forte says her consistency is key. “Caroline consistently works hard in the classroom, as well as on the basketball court; she is a great leader.”

Caroline believes that her team’s success begins with Coach Forte. “I really love Coach Forte. She has a real enthusiasm to teach us new skills–she definitely knows what she is doing. I can’t wait to play basketball next year, and I am looking forward to play with the people on my team again!”

Caroline is a 7th Grade Social Chair, an Admission Student Ambassador, and a member of the soccer team.