Alyssa Gutierrez ‘15

Alyssa Gutierrez is the February 2015 Hurricane of the Month.

Senior co-caption Alyssa Gutierrez has been a member of an AGS basketball team since sixth grade. Alyssa has always been a model of consistency–on and off the court. She is a great example for her teammates because of her work ethic, determination, resiliency, and for maintaining a positive attitude no matter the situation. Coach Stephanie Cohan added, “She is one of our most consistent players who truly encompasses all the traits of an AGS student-athlete.”

Alyssa says she loves playing basketball, because it is a team sport and each player has a role they can play to help the team. “Each member of the team can bring a different skill so as a team we can work together. Each person has something unique to add, and playing is fun!”

Alyssa participates in a wide variety of interests at AGS. In addition to basketball, she runs track, is a member of the yearbook staff and Spanish and outdoor clubs, and an Admission Student Ambassador.