Ali Gospodinov ’22

Ali Gospodinov is a December 2016 Hurricane of the Month.

Ali is a 7th grader who discovered her love of Theater in the 5th grade. Mrs. Uterhardt is proud of all that Ali has brought to the drama department. According to Mrs. Uterhardt, “Ali was a wonderful addition to our fall play. She came in willing to learn and grow during each rehearsal. I look forward to having Ali be a part of future performances here at AGS.” When asked why she enjoys musical theater, Ali said, “I realized that I loved acting since my first musical Alice in Wonderland in 5th grade. I started to come out of my shell and became more confident in myself. When I heard about this year’s play, I was so excited. When audition day came, I almost didn’t try out for 12 Angry Women this year, but my friend encouraged me. I didn’t have anything to lose if I didn’t get in. When I did get in, I had a good feeling about it. All of the cast and crew were so nice to the little inexperienced 7th grader that it made me feel at home. They helped my first play here at AGS be a great experience for me. I definitely made the right choice trying out!”