AGS Launches Tailored Tuition Program

Independent School Makes Private Education Attainable In Uncertain Times
Atlanta Girls’ School Launches Tailored Tuition Program

ATLANTA, Georgia – The reverberating impacts of the global pandemic have left many families with school-aged children uncertain about the future of their educational path. While many public school systems throughout the metro have only been able to offer remote learning options so far in the 2020-21 academic year, most independent schools have been able to hold in-person classes safely. But the cost of a private school is a significant barrier for most families.   Atlanta Girls’ School has launched a new tuition affordability model to help bring a private education within reach. “Tailored Tuition” uses a family’s unique financial situation to determine an individualized tuition cost and payment plan. A family’s tailored tuition is dependent on various factors including income, family size, and net worth.

“Many people do not realize that 46% of AGS families currently receive tailored tuition with more than $15,000 awarded on average across all grades,” explains Head of School Ayanna Hill-Gill. “Accessibility to independent school education has always been a goal for Atlanta Girls’ School, as it supports our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Tailored Tuition is an invaluable tool in making the AGS experience a reality for many of our students. As Georgia’s only 6-12, non-sectarian, independent school for girls, we want to reach as many girls as possible to experience the girls’ school advantage. Educating young girls to become strong advocates and thoughtful leaders is more critical than ever and that’s exactly what AGS does.”

“Tailored Tuition helps us change the conversation about the affordability of an independent school education. In order to align more closely with our inclusion and socio-economic diversity goals, Tailored Tuition opens the door for more families considering an independent school option for their daughter. We recognize that our mission at AGS to inspire girls to lead lives of purpose is unique to Atlanta, and so it’s imperative that we provide as many girls as possible the girls’ school experience”, said Kelly Eastwood, Chief Admissions Officer. 

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