Hunger Week 2018

Thanks to the entire community who supported our Hunger Week 2018 activities. Hunger Week is an annual event at AGS dedicated to raising awareness about a pressing issue from somewhere around the world. This year, our committee decided to focus their efforts on education in South Sudan. South Sudan is the world’s youngest country, and it has been plagued by civil war since 2013. One of the many tragic results of this war is that it has kept the vast majority of South Sudanese children from getting an education. Girls are particularly affected, with only 24% of South Sudanese girls enrolled in school. 

The committee of students connected with a nonprofit organization called Africa Leadership and Education Initiative that works to provide schooling to South Sudanese students. For over a decade, Africa ELI has been building schools and providing scholarships in South Sudan. In the last couple of years, violence has forced the organization to relocate their students to a boarding school in Uganda.

Please follow this link to watch a video, filmed specifically for AGS, of these students speaking about their goals and hopes for their country. Each of these girls had to flee South Sudan because of the war, and all of their parents are currently living in refugee camps.

On Friday, the committee set up collection jars for donations, and they sold grilled cheese and tomato soup as an additional fundraiser for their effort. All funds raised will go directly towards the Africa ELI scholars, helping to educate the next generation of South Sudanese change makers.

If you would like to hear from more of the students and the Africa ELI executive director, Anita Henderlight, follow this link to watch the full video.

If you would like to learn more about Africa ELI, we invite you to visit their website.