AGS Junior Receives Recognition from the Princeton Prize in Race Relations

As stated on the Princeton Prize in Race Relations website, “The issue of race relations continues to be one of the most urgent and important challenges facing our country.” The Princeton Prize recognizes and rewards high school students who have had a significant positive effect on race relations in their schools or communities through their volunteer efforts.

This summer, AGS junior Madison Marsh was recognized with a certificate of accomplishment for her work co-founding the Committee for Social Justice and Equity at AGS. 

In 2017-18, the Committee for Social Justice and Equity organized and contributed to several on campus events and off-campus outings, including the conception and created of the committee itself this year. Members wrote bylaws that included crafting a mission statement, defining how they function and scope of their work, and they created an application process to become involved. They got approval from administrators in the fall, introduced their work to the school community, solicited applications, screened applicants, and had their first committee meeting late in the first semester. In the spring, they supported the Melanin Matters club in their organization of Black History month activities; they led Women’s History Month; and they organized the student-led walkout with other student groups on campus.

Four students (Emma Kate Sellers, Elon Mitchell, Mary Elizabeth Marquardt and Madison Marsh) created this group as a response to their work at the White Privilege Conference in the Spring of 2017.