Christine López-Menéndez

Christine López-Menéndez

Math teacher Christine López-Menéndez wants her students to be creative mathematicians. She works to inspire them to move beyond computation and into the world of mathematical concepts and ideas. She is uniquely qualified to lead students toward a deeper understanding of math and its relationships to other subjects and everyday life.

Christine joined the Atlanta Girls’ School faculty this year, teaching mathematics to Middle School students, in the very seats where she once learned math herself; she was an AGS student in Middle School. She graduated from the University of Georgia where she studied mathematics in UGA’s renowned math education program. Christine was inspired to become a teacher by Nelson Mandela who said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Christine believes that learning math should be fun and relevant. She has a range of creative interests and talents that support her teaching goals. She is a science fiction writer, a sketch comedy writer, stand-up comedian, and a fashion designer and blogger.  

She assigned a research project this year that served as a great foundation for inspiring girls and encouraging them to think of math in broader terms. The result is on a bulletin board in her classroom where you’ll find photos and quotes from women who became distinguished mathematicians. The display has a powerful impact, both in terms of understanding women’s achievements in a field dominated almost exclusively by men and in humanizing math. You look at the large display and begin to think about math in terms of their ideas and creative expression.

Christine also loves to cook and travel. This summer she will be reading and writing somewhere away from home!