Teacher Spotlight: Yaritza Moreno

Stop by Ms. Moreno’s classroom, and she’ll greet you with a big smile and a warm welcome, making you feel right at home. She’s been part of the AGS family for thirteen years, first teaching French and Spanish and now teaching Spanish.

When Yaritza is your teacher, you can count on a grand and happy adventure. With love and enthusiasm, she immerses her students in Latin culture with lessons in history, the arts, and current events. She also takes them on field trips in Atlanta and overseas. A group of students recently had a great time celebrating Latin dance with a flamenco class at Calo Gitano Dance Studio.

Yaritza grew up in Venezuela in a family of educators. Her mom was a long-time history and geography teacher at Atlanta International School, and her husband David is an educational psychologist. Her great-grandfather was a classics professor in Bogotá, Colombia. Yaritza attended the University of Salamanca in Madrid and Emory University.

Ms. Moreno is deeply devoted to AGS. She believes no other school can match the time, energy, and love that teachers share with their students. She also appreciates the respect and support she receives from parents. She calls AGS the school of her dreams and wishes she’d gone to school here. Fortunately, she can do the next best thing by sending her daughter Sofia to AGS, which she plans to do. She’ll be in the class of 2029!